Vicky Maloney

Psychological Astrologer

Vicky Maloney

Vicky Maloney has been practicing astrology since 1992 when she was awarded her Certificate in Psychological Astrology from the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London. During that year she also received her Certificate in Counselling Skills from the Central School of Counselling and Therapy in London.

Since then she has built up a large client base, taught an Evening Class in Astrology at Biddenham College, Bedford; held evening classes and tutorials from her home, given talks on various aspects of astrology and, having recently completed the London School of Astrology's Apprenticeship Year, has joined their team teaching on their Diploma Course.

Vicky continues to see clients for chart readings and astrological counselling from her home in Bedfordshire.
An initial chart reading is usually 90 minutes. It is a one to one consultation based on your birth chart which Vicky prepares in advance of the meeting. She sees the birth chart of the client as a 'map' of their psyche from which she can determine the direction their life is taking them in at any given time. Her approach is to assist her clients in understanding not only what is happening in their life at a given time but to see why it is happening and provide them with a time frame for the duration of the event(s). She also provides chart readings for parents interested in their children's charts and works with repeating patterns in the horoscopes of families.
Relationship readings are available. Both partners in the relationship must be present for the reading.

Skype readings can be arranged for anyone unable to see Vicky in person.

If you are interested in learning astrology Vicky holds classes for beginners from her home, along with one to one tuition and workshops.

An initial 90 minute chart reading £100.
Follow up chart readings within 3 months £65
Follow up counselling sessions £40 per hour. These sessions explore the issues that have been identified as part of the chart reading.

Vicky can be contacted via email:
by telephone on 01234.772016
or via Skype : live:vicky.maloney_1